International collaborations

por | nov. 13, 2018

HEROLÉ Reisen has been founded in 2002.  Their destinations encompass large parts of Europe ranging from Spain to Sweden and from Malta to Ireland. In total, they offer 130 destinations in Europe.

HEROLÉ-Reisen has recorded continuous growth ever since the company was established. 43,900 customers travelled with they in 2010. In 2014 and 2017, they could increase that number to 87,000 and over 117,000 respectively. For 2018 they expect approximately 4,500 groups with 135,000 travellers.

It is their aim to provide high quality school trips with educational backgroun. Their travel brochures are distributed to all relevant schools and colleges in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland.

One of the destinations of this great company is La Costa Brava, specifically the Fenals coast here in La Casa del Mar. Every year we receive groups of teenagers from around the world decided to try snorkeling and to learn a little more about the marine biology of our coasts. We believe that the preservation of the marine environment is so serious and we are perfectly aware working with this serious company.

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